Yog Raj Chitrakar: Memory Drawing XI

Production Site: Artist’s Studio Inside-Out
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

February 2010
Duration 16 hours
Curator: Dominic Molon
Costumes: Loise Braganza
Photography: Nathan Keay, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

On Tuesday and Wednesday, February 9 and 10, Mumbai-based Nikhil Chopra performed Yog Raj Chitrakar: Memory Drawing XI in the MCA galleries. Chopra brings the artist’s studio into the gallery using a variety of costumes and props, and wall drawings that he creates during the performance.

These will remain in the gallery as an installation for the duration of the Production Site exhibition. His last name, Chitrikar, literally translates into picture- or mask-maker in Sanskrit. Chopra inhabits this character for the two days, changing into masculine and feminine costumes that challenge assumptions about race and gender. While performing, Chopra makes drawings that reflect on Production Site, blackening the walls with his obsessive charcoal drawings to emphasize the studio as a place where an artist’s internal anxieties and struggles are confronted and resolved.*

*From the Museum of Contemporary Art website’s page:

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  1. gajanan says:

    Simply good, like it…

  2. sudhir pandey says:

    nikhil …. great going yaar good luck and regards

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