Broken White II

Centre Pompidou



April 2011
Duration 54 hours
Costumes: Sabine Pfisterer
Photography: Tina Lange, Lisa Stertz and Dolanbay

“It is by lending his body to the world that the artist changes the world into paintings”- Maurice Merleau Ponty.
Paris Delhi Bombay was the major survey for Indian contemporary art carried out by the Centre Pompidou in Paris curated by Sophie Duplaix and Fabrice Bousteau, and Broken White II was a part of this show.

Over 3 days, I occupied the gallery in the guise of a character called “*”. Over the course of this duration I made live charcoal drawings on the walls of the gallery in an attempt to capture the typified cityscape of Paris, as seen from a small rectangle cut into the wall. The audience was invited to experience the transformation of the space and the performer. By the end of the performance I painted my body black with charcoal and dressed like a flamboyant Paris show girl walk out into the main square and foyer of the building, striking poses for audiences with cameras. The remains from the performance along with documentation from the performance will be on display for the duration of the exhibition.



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