9: Encounters, Meetings, Passages

In collaboration with Yuko Kaseki
Grüntaler 9, Berlin
Nikhil Chopra 9 with Yuko Kaseki main
September 2011
Duration: 27 Hours
Dramaturgy: Katherine Mezur
Media curator: Tina Lange
Photography: Tina Lange
September marked the half way mark in my Fellowship at Freie Universität’s International Research Center ‘Interweaving Performance Cultures. By now I had interacted with some of the Fellows of them Katherine Mezur was one of them with qho I had some wonderful conversations. Katherine, whose research focused primarily on contemporary Japanese women Butoh performers. She proposed the idea of bringing Yuko Kaseki perform with me in Grüntaler 9. Kaseki is a Japanese Butoh and performance choreographer, director, performer and resident of Berlin for over fifteen years.
This is what we said on the invitation email:
In twenty-seven hours, Kaseki and Chopra will perform a series of encounters, meetings and passages. On one hand they are working with the urban spaces of Berlin, Tokyo and Bombay as places of memory, trauma, longing, and their radical historical revisions and physical transformations in the contemporary world. On the other hand, they are their own architects of time and space. 
This is a study and a choreography. Kaseki and Chopra meet as strangers in and across these spaces, 9 times.

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