Broken White IV Part 2

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), Berlin
Nikhil Chopra Broken White.IVpart2main
October 2011
Duration 5 Hours
Costume Sabine Pfisterer
Photography Sabine Pfisterer
In India and Far Beyond traveled from Stuttgart to Berlin. I presented the 2nd part of Broken White IV.  To continue from where I left ‘Part 1’, I was dressed this time in a black paper costume and not as the ‘orphan’ schoolboy in Stuttgart but as a construction worker or engine driver covered in soot. My movements were jerky and snappy, making sounds with the paper as it tore and fell off me. The wall drawing echoed the view from the window I stood against, a typical Berlin sight; a big dumpster, a dug up road and a bicycle. The performance ends with me whitening my self with chalk, thus completing the cycle; from white to black to white.

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