Broken White V

Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

Nikhil Chopra Broken White Vmain
November 2011
Duration: 6 Hours
Costume: Oona Colliander
Photography: Magdalena Komornicka and Marek Krzyzanek

The big Indian contemporary art exhibition in Warsaw titled “Generation in Transition. New Art from India” was curated by Magda Kardasz. She invited me to make a performance in the main foyer and staircase of their grand building. At the time I was in an interesting conversation with my neighbour and Finnish designer Oona. She wanted to work together on a performance where she would design a costume. We came up with the idea that she would build the costume on me out of paper, so delicate that by merely walking down the staircase slowly it would fall apart. It took me 2 hours to make the journey from the top of the staircase to the bottom. At the bottom, on a large sheet of paper lay bottles, bowls and cups filled with molten chocolate and a bucket of cream. I smeared chocolate all over my body and floor and attemted to make a drawing of the staircase by scratching the chocolate covered paper. I then poured mugs of cream all over myself, watched my costume disintegrate and slowly climbed back up the staircase.

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