in collaboration with Yingmei Duan
Grüntaler 9
Nikhil Chopra 1+1 with Yingmei Duan main
December 2011
Duration: 48 Hours
Photography: Audience
For 48 hours, performance based artist Yingmei Duan and I sat across a table in my studio in Berlin and talked about our lives. We recorded most the 48 hours of conversation on a digital audio recorder.  The conversation centered around our own lives, our interactions with people and places as citizens, family, friends and artists. The audience was welcome any time day or night. They were free to help themselves from a table full of fruits, snacks, tea, coffee and water. They were invited by Yingmei to join the conversation, ask questions, talk about their own biographies. I spoke only to Yingmei and to no one else. Anyone who wanted to ask me a question or convey a remark would have to go through Yingmei who would then tell me. I was present in the space but also absent. I was like a ghost and Yingmei was my medium.

Both Yingmei and I  are performers, invested in the idea of performance being part of visual art practice. This was our second encounter as performers working within the same context. In 2010 we were part of Marina Abromvic Presents part of Manchester International Festival. We got on very well and admired each other’s work. Yingmei is based in Braunschweig a few hours from Berlin. In most of her work she confronts her audience with her body, often putting them in uncomfortable positions to challenge their perspective, to make them aware of their own presence.

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