in collaboration with Dolanbay
Mein Blau, Berlin
Nikhil Chopra Acting with Dolanbay main
December 2011
Duration: 48 Hours
Curator: Tina Lange
Photography: Tina Lange
Ali Dolanbay is an artist I developed a close friendship with. I would often visit his studio talking about each others work, drinking coffee or beer, smoking cigarettes or joints. Ali is a painter and talks of how central paint and canvas are to his practice. His work sits poised between abstraction and the lurking human figure.

He invited me to do a performance piece together. We would have all of the exhibition space in Mein Blau. We gave ourselves 48 hours, 40 or so litres of paint, charcoal, brushes, rollers, stains, condoms to fill with liquid paint, rope, nails, hammers, a ladder, poles and more. We covered the floor with white canvas. We did not talk to each other during the entire duration of the performance, barely made eye contact, yet shared the same space and reacted to each other through the way we acted out our  roles. We had a designated spaces to eat and rest. All the material was used. The room was completely transformed. We were too.

ACT // ING, Berlin 2011 from dolanbay on Vimeo.

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