Blackening II

GlogouAIR, Berlin
Nikhil Chopra Blackening II main

March 2012
Duration: 5 Hours
Curator: Johnny Amore and Irene
Photography: Johnny Amore

Johnny Amore and Irene Pascual come together to invite performance based artists to be part of a performance festival they curate. The event, titled the Second, was hosted by
an art residency and exhibition space GlogouAIR in Berlin. (
I wanted to keep the performance Blackening II to the bare minimum. I was without costume, naked and blindfolded. With charcoal and white chalk I made drawings on the walls, oblivious to what the drawing looked like. I felt the presence of the audience in the room as they silently watched. The air was heavy with all their smells and breath.
My eyes were covered with black duck tape (IMPORTANT: Please do not do this as it is dangerous to block out air from your eyes, I did not know this at the time). The blindness helped me rid myself of inhibition, heightened my other senses and at the same time made me quite vulnerable.


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