Blackening III

Grüntaler 9

Nikhil Chopra Blackening III main

April 2012
Duration 27 hours
Photography Tina Lange

This would be the last performance I would do at Grüntaler 9, for the time being. I was leaving Berlin and wanted to exit from my Fellowship with a presentation in the form of a performance. I wanted to connect with the street, Grüntaler Straße in a predominantly Turkish neighbourhood. Dressed ambiguously to resemble a Kashmiri/Afghani/Central Asian/Turkish bearded suited man. I started with blackening the space using a roller and black paint, covering all the traces of the previous performances. By 1:00 am most of the room had transformed into a black box. The next day I spend making a drawing of the Istanbul night skyline as seen from Chihangir, the European side. I had spent a week in Istanbul with my family last November. We found cheap tickets from Berlin and decided to visit for a little holiday. The performance ended with me whitening my face, hair, hat and suit with chalk.


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