La Perla Negra: Plaza di Armas

La Bienal de la Habana, Havana

May 2015
Duration: 60 Hours
Costume: Loise Braganza
Photography: Paola Martinez
Curator: Laura Salas

In a cobblestone plaza in Old Havana, the Indian artist Nikhil Chopra locked himself in a cage for three days and silently painted beautiful images of what he could see from behind bars. His was a shrewd take on the notion of island-artist. And when he finally hacksawed his way free late one night, a delighted crowd gathered to greet him, and followed him down the street, Pied Piper style. Holland Cotter for the New York Times

At the Havana biennale in 2015, Nikhil Chopra’s performance involved living in a cage, placed in the middle of a busy plaza, for 60 hours. For close to three days, he was making drawings, dressed as a 1950s American woman of colour, before hacksawing his way out of the cage.- Aasheesh Sharma for Hindustan Times

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