Drum Solo at the Mill

Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, France

October 2016
Duration: 8 Hours
Costume Design: Isha Alhuwalia
Photography: Galleria Continua

Drumsolo at the Mill is a live performance installation by Nikhil Chopra presented by Galleria Continua, Le Moulin. For this solo exhibition Nikhil seeks to draw the relation between time, rhythm, making marks and making sound. The elements of the performance include a ninepiece rock drum kit, buckets of black, grey and white acrylic paint and brushes. Confined to a gallery space at Le Moulin, in a building that was once a paper mill, Nikhil will play the drums and make large drawings in a persona resembling a Punk/New Wave drummer. The presence of this persona will seek to evoke the pitfalls of industrialization and mass production, while struggling to find beauty and harmony in expression. The audience is invited to bare witness to the transformations the performance and persona will go through as the experience of the piece moves between aural and visual.

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