Yog Raj Chitrakar: Memory Drawing IV

Time Cravasse
Yokohama Trienalle

YRC MD IV main

January 2009
Duration 9 Hours
Curators: Hans Ulrich Obrist and Akiko Miyaki
Costumes: Tabasheer Zutshi
Photography: Shivani Gupta
Production Assistance: Tabasheer Zutshi

“The Yokohama Triennale series of international exhibitions of contemporary art, first held in 2001, orangised its third exhibition in 2008. Based on the comprehensive exhibition theme set by the artistic director, a diverse range of artworks—including videos, installations, photography, painting, and sculpture—by 72 selected artists from 25 different countries and regions was put on display.

While showcasing newly-released artworks of the cutting-edge contemporary art around the globe, the Triennale also featured many site-specific works highlighting the distinctive charms of the host city so that it unfolded the large extravaganza of art. Vigorous supplementary events were conducted during the exhibition period, including symposiums to flesh out the Triennale concept and the workshops and gallery talks to enhance the dialogue among the artists, participants, and the visitors. The Triennale also seeks to establish and strengthen ties with art organizations and other international exhibition secretariats in Japan and abroad.”*

*From the Yokohama Triennale catalog

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