Yog Raj Chitrakar and Tokyo

Chalo! India
Mori Museum Tokyo

October 2008
Duration 3 Hours
Curator: Akiko Miki
Costumes: Tabasheer Zutshi
Photography: Shivani Gupta

This 3 hour performance involved Yog Raj Chitrakar dressing up as the queen in slow deliberate gestures. Adorned with make up, dress, shoes and a wig he walked very slowly through the length of the museum, through the various exhibits and collapsed in front of the large window overlooking Tokyo and lay there motionless as twilight turned to night. The museum is on  the 57th floor of Mori Tower and the view from her is spectacular. Chalo Tokyo!

Chalo! India

“Chalo! India is a significant survey of new Indian art, including a sociological research project involving architects and intellectuals, and state of the art interactive media work–as befits an IT giant such as India. Most people see India in terms of its rich and influential history, its Gods and devotion, Bollywood movies, or its awakening as an economic giant. However, there is so much more to the complex and dynamic India of today. Chalo! India explores and celebrates the depth of this country; the contradictions of its society, the dreams and hopes of its people, and its energy and passion toward the future.

This exhibition explores the present state of Indian contemporary art and the great changes it has gone through in recent years; examining the work of artists who attempt to question the reality of the society and age in which they live by taking subject matters from their everyday surroundings and transforming them through their art into a theatre of life. “Chalo!” means “Let’s go” in Hindi, and this exhibition is an invitation on a journey to encounter the new creativity and energy of Indian contemporary art. It is a visit to “India now” via these works of art, and an exploration of diverse ways of thinking that each visitor may discover for themselves.”*

*From the Chalo! India catalog

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